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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about our PHP Software

Q: What kind of experience you have. Can I trust your skills?
We have an experience of powering 1000s of web sites with our skills and PHP software. We have been improving our software over the years now. So, you can trust our technical skills. If you ever face any bug in the PHP script, we will correct it for you free of cost. You do not have to wait for any patch to be released. Just notify us the problem and we will correct it as our highest priority. This can be offered only by an organization with full confidence on its PHP software. We fully back our software and clients.
Q: Do you offer support for your PHP software?
Yes, we provide full support for our products. You can feel very sure about this. We always try to make sure that our client get the best out of our PHP software. And if we get any opportunity to contribute to it, we consider it our pleasure.
Q: Can I hire you to install the script on my server?
Yes. We will happily do it for you. We charge a tiny fee of  $25 for this.
Q: What are the system requirements for your php software?
Our software run on both PHP 4 and PHP 5 (normal installation). Other requirements include MySQL and ionCube loaders support. Imagemagick and gd lib (Optional). Almost all good web hosts support these. You can check this with your web host as well.
Q: I like your PHP software, but i need some changes to make it work perfectly for me. But i do not have the technical skills ?
No problem. We provide customization services for our PHP software. So, if you need any customization anytime, please feel free to let us know. We are always very keen to assist our clients to get best value out of our PHP software. So, we will do the best job for you so that you get maximum value out of your investment in our PHP software.
Q: I like your software very much, but i want to run your software with some very fancy and attractive design. Is there some way to achieve it?
Yes, there is a great way to achieve it. You can find some very professional designs here (at quite reasonable costs). You can buy an HTML design of your choice. We will integrate the design in our script for you. Before you buy, you can refer us to the design so that we can confirm the integration cost. We provide this service at a very reasonable price to enable our clients to run unique & amazing web sites that are best in every respect.
Q: Can I make some minor changes to the script front end like changing logo, header footer etc myself?
In most of our software (please refer to script details page) there is option to change color scheme, icons etc directly from the admin panel. So, you can change these things directly from the script admin panel. So, you do not need any programming skills for this. If you possess basic php skills then you can change the header/footer/side panel and home page design yourself. Even if you do not know php there is nothing to worry. You can use our services to make any changes to the script.
Q: Suppose I purchase your script and some months down the line, based on my experience I require some more features added to my script, will you do this for me?
Yes, you can request new features and customizations any time in future. So, you do not need to pre-order all the customizations. You can buy our software, use them and based on your experience you can also request custom features. This way you can get best suited final product which will be unique in itself.
Q: Are your software open source?
No. We provide commercial solutions only.
Q: Can I remove your powered by link from the script?
No. We appreciate your keeping the link. In some very special cases for our repeat clients we do offer link removal from front end at a premium cost. You can contact us for details.
Q: When do I get my order?
You will get the script within 24 hours of your payment. We try to process all orders ASAP so that our clients get the best buying experience. Actually, all orders placed on our web site are processed manually to avoid any credit card frauds etc. So, once approved, we send the software immediately.
Q: Suppose i place my order now and pay for installation as well. When will my site be ready?
After this you will need to provide us server access info to install the script. After this, we will install the script on your server within 24 hours.
Q: Do you provide software in other languages?
Our software come in English only. We do not provide translation service.