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Our service helps you Build PHP FAQ Website smartly using latest tools at fraction of a cost.

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Build PHP FAQ Website

PHP FAQ Website reduces webmaster's burden of replying to similar and repetitive queries. It can also be used as a categorized collection of articles. FAQ website is also known as PHP Knowledgebase Website / Knowledge base Website

FAQ Website is an essential element for webmasters because it is not convenient for him to reply to all the similar and repetitive queries. It is found that there is a high probability that many visitors may leave even without dropping a line if they do not get answers to their queries there and then on your website.


WYSIWYG editor for FAQ creation

Categorization of FAQs

Multilevel article categories

Color changing

Configurable colors, fonts, style, site icons

Multiple icon sets

Create new color schemes and icon sets


Ability to post attachments along with FAQs

Email templates

Configure all outgoing emails in knowledge base website

Ratings and discussions

Ratings and comment on articles

Refer a friend

Refer any article in knowledge base website to a friend

Uses and benefits of Build PHP FAQ Website

Save support time

Knowledgebase website save a lot of time and effort

Increase conversion rates

Helps to convert your visitors into customers

Share information

Providing platform to share information

Enrich user experience

Enhance experience to your visitors

Website quality

Make your website more USER FRIENDLY

Front End Features

Search option for Articles
Admin Configured Colors, Icons, Fonts and Styles
Admin specified Site Header and Footer
Multilevel Article Categories
HTML formatted Articles
Refer Article to a Friend
Printer friendly version of Article
View Article Stats
Rate an Article
Post comments on article
Post a query for webmaster
View related articles
View Article Attachments with knowledgebase website articles

Admin End Features

Extensive Usage Stats related to Article popularity.
Create and edit Icon sets of knowledgebase website
Create and edit Color Schemes
Set auto approval ON/OFF for user comments on articles
Configure all outgoing Emails
Define multi level categories for articles
Add / Edit / Delete Categories
Shift Articles from one category to other category in one go
Extensive article management console
Add / Edit / Delete articles shown in knowledge base website
Define related articles
WYSIWYG editor for posting articles
Post Attachments for Articles
View / Edit Article Stats
Reset Various Website Counters
User Questions and Queries Management
Interface to reply to the queries
Admin replies can be stored in FAQ database also
User Comment management console
View Approved and Unapproved User Comments
Edit / Delete Comments
Edit Site Header / Footer
Site Icon Management Section
Define new styles and display schemes for the site

Build PHP FAQ Website

Our service helps you Build PHP FAQ Website smartly using latest tools at fraction of a cost.

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